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We have been using Disqus as our commenting system since 2017 but that must now come to an end. Disqus handled this professionally and we have no complaints. Farewell and good luck to the people at Disqus. 

You will notice that our new comments system is already in place and this is a solution we have built ourselves with thanks to all who support us. https://www.subscribestar.com/bitchute 

Q. Why isn't it working for me?

It might be you need to get the latest javascript from our servers. Try holding down control and refreshing 

Q. Why doesn't it do things I want it to yet?

We went live with the current version of CommentFreely so that you can continue to comment but we are full aware that there are a lot of features still missing and those will be added.

Q. What are some things that are missing?

We'd like this project to have feature parity with Disqus and move beyond, as it's open-source and comments are needed in so many different applications all over the Internet we believe that's a real possibility.

Q. Where have the old comments gone?

We obtained an export from Disqus a few weeks ago and we have requested another. Due to the number of comments a normal export from Disqus doesn't work so we have requested their assistance. Once we have the latest export we will write some import tools and then import the comments into CommentFreely and you should get all your old comments back.

Q. How do I add memes?

Copy and paste a meme url from 'imgflip.com','giphy.com', 'tenor.com' or 'reactiongifs.com' 

Q. Can I contribute to the code?

You can https://gitlab.com/BitChute/commentfreely

Q. Can my company sponsor this project?

You can, and if you do you will get your company logo on the project page and documentation pages. Contact advertising@bitchute.com

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