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Bring Back Jack Dorsey! More Twitter, Less Brand X

By Jeffrey Wernick*

Supposedly Elon Musk bought Twitter to re-establish it as a free-speech-absolutist platform. Fake news.

Yes, many celebrated their permanent suspension on Twitter to actually be semi-permanent as Musk gave them a second chance.

Twitter version 2 started out with a claim of free speech absolutism. Then, after some articles citing the proliferation of “hate” speech, Musk redefined free speech absolutism. “Freedom of speech, not freedom of reach” became the new free-speech-absolutist mantra.

And, again Musk was hailed as the savior of free speech--at least by those granted freedom of reach. Those others who are shadow-banned and throttled maybe might not be celebrating so much.

And, for the reporters reporting on the Twitter Files, throttling and shadow banning by Dorsey, bad. Throttling and shadow banning by Musk, good. Labeling by Dorsey, bad. Labeling by Musk, good.

Get that blue check mark. Be retweeted by Musk. That seems like their new wet dream. Hail, Musk!

Facing economic reality, Musk decided to once again rebrand. A new mantra. Safe for advertisers. Yes, that became the new objective of Twitter, be safe for advertisers. And magically this is all consistent with free speech absolutism. Did you not know that you can deprive reach, label, shadow ban and throttle, and all within the context of free speech absolutism?

However, free speech absolutism requires more. Surely a free speech absolutist would never allow “lawful but awful” content. So now there is a new promise and commitment from Musk, and a new brand to prove how serious they are. X will display no lawful but awful content. The Brand X promise: no more bad or terrible content! Or maybe no content commanding awe? I cannot keep up.

And Brand X is working with partners to give all the best free speech absolutist experience. One describes one of its virtues: “Optimize your campaigns to drive results with granular data delivered in real time.”
Of course data molestation is best when it is precise. Every data molester knows that.

I predicted that Musk would transform from a free speech absolutist to a data molester who adopts curation policies to make it safe for advertisers who want all lawful but awful content banned. As if the advertisers themselves produce no awful content themselves!

So now you have the new X Pledge. The promise to have no awful content and the commitment to be the best data molester. Hail Musk. The Savior of Free Speech.

And of course it is self-evident that a free speech absolutist platform must not only not promise reach, but also hire an expert in the recognition of disinformation, misinformation, harmful content and lawful but awful content. I would be curious to read the CVs for those who claim to possess the ability to guarantee the removal of all disinformation, misinformation, harmful content and lawful but awful content. Or the AI algorithm that has that capacity. Maybe they could make that algorithm public and transparent so, as a society, we can live in a safe world knowing that all this content will never appear before our eyes. It will be sunny every day.

And since there will no longer be any exposure to misinformation, disinformation, harmful content nor lawful but awful content, naturally and logically there is no reason for any member of Xtopia to need to block another person, or bot. After all, that would be anti-social and make no sense. The blocking is done for you!

If any member of Xtopia thinks it necessary to block content then they are expressing a lack of confidence in Musk doing it for them. That, as Musk likes to remind all, makes no sense.

While Jack Dorsey is off building decentralized platforms, Musk is embracing a form of authoritarianism beyond the scope of what Twitter previously did. The new CEO has actually bragged about that.

Xtopia, where no one will be burdened with curating their own content and will never ever see anything awful again!

Antz have their Insectopia. Animals enjoy their Zootopia. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby took their Road to Utopia. Sir Thomas More wrote about his Utopia. Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden, a Utopia created by God but rejected by Adam and Eve. Musk thinks we have suffered too much since our eviction from Eden. So he brings us Xtopia. Is it Utopia or Dystopia?

The utopian dream envisioned by God at creation can now be realized, in Xtopia. Soon the microchip implants will be circulated to all inhabitants. They will drive only in Teslas. Air travel only in SpaceX. All internet and satellite communications through Starlink. Dogecoin will be the official currency. All messaging. All banking transactions. All communication flows, text, voice, video. The implanted microchip will be guaranteed to enhance the experience. Yes, Welcome to Xtopia!

*Jeffrey is a Strategic Investor in BitChute

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