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Contact Details

Please ensure that you use the correct email address when contacting us. Using the incorrect email address may result in a delayed response. All contact should be kept polite and civil. Insulting and / or threatening behaviour directed towards our staff will not be tolerated.


If you need support then please consult our Knowledge Base using the search functionality at the top of this page. If you are unable to do this or find a suitable answer then please contact us via email to support@bitchute.com.

Content Moderation

Please use the tools available on the BitChute platform to report content for moderation or to make appeals against content moderation decisions. For more details on these tools see our Content Moderation Policy. If you are unable to do this then please contact us via email to report@bitchute.com or appeal@bitchute.com


Please follow the instructions in the Copyright Policy when making a copyright claim or counter claim. Copyright claims and counter claims must be submitted via email to copyright@bitchute.com


All press enquiries should be sent to us via email to press@bitchute.com.


If you have a legal enquiry that is not covered by any of the above categories then you may contact us via email to legal@bitchute.com.

Company Address

Bit Chute Limited. United Kingdom.

UK Company Number 10637289.

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