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"Freedom of Speech, not Reach" in Practice

By Amy Peikoff*

No sooner had Elon Musk reposted Wall Street Silver's tweet, congratulating Tucker Carlson on his 10-million-X-follower milestone, and declaring Carlson as “setting the standard that all video creators should consider,” because they can “avoid the other social media networks censorship”:

And reposted Linda Yaccarino, boasting that “Video viewership on X has roughly doubled since last year”:

That we find a concrete example of the limitations on the promises X can make. Today Vigilant News reports that “Twitter [X] is…making undesirable videos unplayable,” citing a video recently uploaded of Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussing the Pfizer COVID vaccine clinical trials with podcast host Brian Rose. While the tweet [post] remains up, “The media could not be played.” (I've also seen a “content unavailable"):

The interview is still available here on BitChute:


I access Twitter [X] from Texas, in the United States of America. I am pretty sure that it's still legal here to publish whatever analysis of the Pfizer clinical trial data you wish. This content is lawful. So I guess X @Safety decided it was awful? We are just at the beginning of an election season featuring anti-authoritarian candidates such as RFK Jr. and Vivek, and perhaps also at the beginning of another attempt by those authorities to lock us all down--again--on the basis of “settled” science. At BitChute, we pledge to keep legal content like this available, so that individuals may decide for themselves whether it's awful.

Both creators and consumers should resist the siren song of Musk's X. 


*Amy is BitChute's Chief Policy Officer

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