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What does each button or icon mean on a video?

On a video you will see a number of different buttons and icons that do a variety of different things;

1. Play button - This button can be used to play and pause the video

2. Scroll bar - This can be used to scroll to different parts of the video

3. Views - Shows how many times the video has been watched

4. Likes - Shows how many people have liked the video

5. Dislikes - Shows how many people have disliked the video

6. Timer - Shows the amount of time already passed in a video, click on it to show how much time is left

7. Volume button - Click to mute and unmute the sound

8. Volume bar - Scroll to turn up or down the volume

9. Settings - Currently with the settings you can change the video's speed

10. PIP - Click to open the video in a small window in the corner of the screen, you can navigate between tabs and apps and the video will remain in view

11. Full screen - Click to open the video in full screen mode

12. Favorite - Use this button to add the video to your favorite list

13. Watch later - Click to add the video to your watch later list

14. Playlist - Add the video to a playlist

15. Flag - Use this to flag the video for inappropriate content

16. Magnet link - Click the get the torrent of the video

17. Share - Click to share the video on your social media profiles

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