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BitChute Launches Rants and Raves Real-Time Chat Feature

New Feature to Allow Users To Express without Social Harm

November 29, 2023 - Charleston, SC.  BitChute, a free-speech video sharing platform, announced today the availability of Rants and Raves, a first-of-its-kind live chat feature designed to allow users to express themselves without the risk of social harm. BitChute’s Rants and Raves are available to all the platform’s channels, including, for example, https://www.bitchute.com/bitchute/. This feature allows BitChute’s tens of millions of monthly users the opportunity to participate in anonymous, unfiltered conversations within the community while ensuring the privacy and free speech of BitChute users.

“As the industry’s only true free speech platform, we are always challenging ourselves to create innovations for users to enjoy and that further the importance and our mission of free speech,” said Ray Vahey, co-Founder and CEO of BitChute. “Rants and Raves does just that and is designed in a way that we believe people will enjoy using it. We are the only ones providing a private conversation in a public sphere.”

Once a video is live, users whose identification remains masked through a pseudonym generator, may express their thoughts and impressions to the video creator and to one another.  Those anonymous comments are available for viewing for 60 minutes, after which they disappear. The posted comments are not stored or tracked by BitChute to ensure the privacy and free speech of users.  Additionally, Rants and Raves has been developed to minimize content moderation workload while complying with content moderation regulations.

The Rants and Raves chat feature follows a number of recent technology enhancements to the platform including BlogChute, the company’s new blog, and PodChute, the company’s new podcast featuring Chief Policy Officer, Amy Peikoff.

For more information contact press@bitchute.com.

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